Pic from Heidi - and I've lost the link to her blog! Waaaah!
 Well, you would hardly believe it... but I've just moved 1stFloorFlat back with Blogger again!

I really have tried - over several months in fact - but just cannot get along with, the self-hosted form Word Press (and as I found out, very very different from The .com one was difficult enough... but is a whole new ballgame. I had to download everything - even a spam checker! All the standard stuff is built in with Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr and WordPress. com, so it was rather a shock. And difficult enough to even get the blog installed - I had to have help from my hosting service because it was totally beyond me!

WordPress is very different in feel and approach, and I seriously think is more for computer buffs rather than someone who just wants to write a few posts and share some art work, like we do. So it's a big relief to be back on Blogger - I feel more comfortable already.

So... how do you go back to Blogger? There is not much help out there - I Googled over a period of weeks, off and on, before I found the essential links.

Step 1: Export your blog

This is the ONLY LINK out there that works - thank you David Haimes, from the bottom of my heart! (Read his full post - carefully!)

This isn't even as simple as you would think - if you also have pages, and possibly a landing page, don't even attempt to click the Download All button when you try to export your blog. This is because you can't import your blog in one step - and if it's too large, the process will fail immediately.

Choose the Posts option only, and set the dates of the posts you want to transfer.

The conversion process (see Step 2) can only handle a maximum of 1MB - so you may need to split your downloads into smaller chunks (say a year's worth of posts at a time. If that's still too large, try 6 months' worth of posts).

Now save the xml file to your desktop.

Step 2: Convert your files 

Wordpress2Blogger conversion tool
This is the ONLY LINK that will convert your files into a format Blogger will recognise. You absolutely cannot skip this step!

  • Click on the link and then Browse for that xml file you just placed on your desktop.
  • Press the Convert button and wait... and wait... and wait....
  •  Dowload the converted 'Blogger-export' file to your desktop.

Step 3: Go to Blogger and import your new file

You now have a 'Blogger-Export' file on your desktop, and this is the one you will import into Blogger.

Go to your Dashboard, then Settings. You'll find this link in 'Basic' - the very first tab.
Go to your Dashboard > Settings and the very first item you will see, under the very first tab, is the link to click to import your blog.

Browse for that 'Blogger-Export' file, fill in the two word verification prompts, hit the Import button and wait (fingers and toes crossed). You have the option to click 'Publish' immediately, or let your posts save to Draft. I'd say to take the second option as your picture sizes may be all over the place (mine were all enormous - stretching over and beyond the sidebar) and any captions may need editing - with mine, the computer code showed. So that was a lot of cut&pasting, to have them show at the correct size and underneath my images. You may also have to put in labels.

My own blog was pretty big (I've been blogging since 2008) and I decided not to upload the earliest stuff as most of it isn't relevant any more, as Blogger has changed so much.

Even so, I still had to download from WordPress in several separate sections, then convert that section, import it into Blogger, then go and do the same for the next section. Not difficult, as I now had the correct links - but very time consuming. And nerve wracking... my web server reset itself, right in the middle, and I had to start over again. Anyway, job done! Whew!


Sara Wittenberg had a real problem in that her transfer wasn't showing, in spite of repeating my steps above several times. Well, I'm happy to say all is well - do read her comments below (5th and 6th November). 

Sara says:
... try it, wait 24 hours to see if they appear before trying again. Now I'm going through and deleting all the duplicates!
So all's well that ends well. I know from experience that sometimes major changes (whether Blogger, Yahoo, WordPress etc) sometimes seem to take a full working day to take effect. I wonder whether everything is scheduled to happen at midnight or something, lol.


Hello Brio Studio has also reverted from back to Blogger - you might like to go and read it here!

It's great to see I'm not the only one, lol...


  1. I don't see myself leaving Blogger any time soon, but it's good to know the other side of someone leaving and coming back. Thanks! ~ Maureen

    1. HI Maureen,

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment. And I have just one of my own.... DON'T LEAVE!

      I've dabbled with Blogger, Tumblr and TypePad - changing column widths, tweaking layouts etc - with no problem. WordPress.... words fail me. If you do decide to change, don't go there! isn't as bad, but is an entirely new level of learning curve.


  2. glad to have you back Susie! and not only up and running, you're helping out others... good for you!
    thanks for stopping by for tea today :)
    wishing you a HaPpY PINK weekend !

  3. Hi
    Thank you for your great advice about switching domains. I see bloggers leave for and I wonder if that is right for me. I have a small following and I love to blog for fun. I don't want to work at something I love. Been there, done that. Thank you so much for your comment on my hummingbird plates. Yes, hummingbirds are so funny and I looked at the plate again and you are so right. LOL... I just added your blog to my blog list and I love all your tips on blogging. Blogger is great.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  4. Hello Susie, Thanks for your visit and comments. You tutorial looks great and I'm sure it will be a big help to those who are considering making the move. I started with Blogger and I'm still here. Have a wonderful week! Joyous Wishes, Linda

  5. Hi Susie!
    Your tutorial is so interesting and very helpful, as I am not a computer savvy one! Thanks for this information. I'm with blogger for the time been. Thank you for your wonderful visit and good wishes for our Sil. Enjoy the weekend.

  6. Welcome back, Susie. Thanks for the "review". I've been with Blogger since day 1. If I ever had any thoughts of defecting, those thoughts have vanished after reading your posts. I always appreciate your helpful tips. I'm not techie at all, but I have learned so much over the past few years from so many people including yourself!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Marilyn.

      At least I gave it a fair trial (several months) so although I hate giving up on something - when it's not right for YOU, then it's not right. So I don't feel too much like a failure. It was a horrible horrible time, and migrating back was really hairy. I'm so glad to be back 'home' again!

  7. I love blogger and don't see me leaving any time soon. I am just not that good with computers to have to figure all that gobbledy goop out. You are so smart. Thanks for this great blog.

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I'm glad to help, when I can - and self-taught, so you know I've suffered every step of the way (my old computer was continually breaking down) and every tweak has been tested to the max, lol

  8. Glad my post was helpful to you, you did a great job giving clear instructions on handling the large blog migrations which I know people have had issue with before.

    Regarding Wordpress Vs Blogger, I actually ended up staying with which I cannot recommend highly enough, I personally prefer the look and feel to blogger but blogger is also very easy. I agree if you want self hosted wordpress it is quite a lot more work.

    1. David - I couldn't have done the migration without you. Your post was SO helpful. I agree Wordpress is an excellent system, but it does seem to need a more technical brain than I have. I really tried, but it was just too difficult for me - things I could easily do in Blogger I couldn't do in WP - it felt like the system was fighting me at every turn. So frustrating!

      Blogger has its faults, but I'm sticking with the devil I know... for the time being, at least..

  9. I am having no luck! Trying to move my blog over to blogger, following your directions to a "t" - I'm trying to download first my published posts (which once saved as blogger-export file are only 793 KB), then I'll do scheduled and drafts later, but I can't get the first batch to work! After I do import and select blogger-export and the captcha, I wait and wait, then it brings me back to the "posts" page and says I have no posts to display! Please help!!!

  10. Help please! I've followed all directions, saved only published posts (on my blog) to blogger-export file (which comes to 793 KB), but once I try to import this file, it just kicks me back to the posts page and says I have no posts. What am I doing???

  11. HI Sara

    I'm sorry you are having so much trouble - I know it was a nightmare for me! The .org WordPress really is a difficult one. I can only suggest you google for anything re moving your blog from wordpress, and check out the link I gave for David Haimes (above) and read his entire post. I also suggest it might be an idea to email him direct for help, as he's very much more knowledgeable than I am.

    What I can suggest you check:
    1. Try saving in smaller chunks, and have another go.
    2. Have you got any pages? If so, transfer the contents to posts.

    You could also copy&paste posts to Wordpad or Notepad (or the Mac equivalent) and then post separately to Blogger. This would mean no pix, and I've had to reload the pix in a lot of my posts anyway.

    If all else fails, and David Haimes is also not able to help, I'd say to open a Blogger blog anyway and manually copy&paste your most important posts, and leave a redirect instruction on the wordpress blog, then delete it a couple of months down the line. Blogger is free, and there's nothing to stop you running both blogs at the same time (even duplicating the posts to both systems while your readership transfers over). And get all your links and blog buttons directing to the new blog.

    Overall, I'd suggest the files are maybe still too big. I'd also check out the Blogger help files as Blogger have changed their platform radically in the last couple of months, so this could also be why my instructions aren't working. Their actual html has been completely changed - even from around 6 weeks ago - so that may be the reason.

    I wonder whether the pictures are a problem? I know I had a lot of trouble with galleries & videos - these simply wouldn't transfer.

    Regarding my own experience, I googled for help and tried every single thing I could find. What you see above is what worked for me.

    I wish you all the best, and hope it works out for you - do let me know what happens, and if there's anything I can add to my post which would help others in the same position.


  12. THANK YOU for your reply. Sorry I posted twice above - I thought the first didn't go through. WEIRD - I got back on today to try again, and ALL of my posts were there, 4-6 times (apparently each time I tried it was successful!). For some reason they didn't show up until today? You may add that to your tutorial - try it, wait 24 hours to see if they appear before trying again. Now I'm going through and deleting all the duplicates! Thanks again!

    1. HI again Sara

      This is great news! Although a pain to have to delete things, better too many posts than NO posts.

      I know with major changes it sometimes takes a full working day for things to filter through the systems (even Yahoo) so this seems true for every type of site. Maybe they all renew themselves at midnight or something??

      So all's well that ends well, and I'm truly relieved for you. I was thinking about this, and was going to suggest that as a last resort you opened a account, transferred to that and THEN transferred to Blogger. No idea whether it would have worked... theoretically it should... but when desperate I try literally everything, lol.

      So glad it's all sorted now - do let me know your new blog address and I'll come and visit.

      Hugs etc

  13. I just wrote a long post, but... I don't think it went through?

  14. Sigh - I'll try again, though shorter this time. THANKS for your help, and can you help me transfer my domain (currently hosted with Bluehost) - - to blogger? I want to sever ties with Bluehost but can only figure out how to buy NEW domains through blogger, or redirect through them to an already existing domain. I want to transfer it. THANKS!

    1. Hi SRW

      I'll try to help - but I do want to emphasise that I'm not an expert. Everything I know, that I'm sharing with you all, is stuff I've learnt by experimenting with my own blogs. I read every tutorial going, trying this, trying that, and share what's worked for me, and my own tweaks when I've found a solution to a problem that's been bugging me. I also need to point out that I'm based in the UK, and things are probably different in the USA regarding transfer of domains to a new hosting service.

      I can only tell you my own experience:
      When I moved from to Blogger what I did was to upload my Blogger blog to my domain name. This seems to have had the result of also cancelling the blog - as when I went into wordpress to cancel the old blog, I wasn't able to. As I'd had the blog directed to my domain name - and then directed my new blog to the same domain name - it appears to have cancelled the blog altogether. To put it another way, I can't get into the old wordpress files at all - it's as if that blog never existed! I did cancel Akismet etc, as I had external links for these, but basically I've ignored it altogether and it hasn't surfaced again.

      Re Blogger, I had no problem at all pointing the blog to this domain name. They didn't ask me to create a new domain name, and it was all very simple and straightforward. You even get to redirect the blogspot domain name to the new url automatically, so your readers don't get lost (free!) If you go to Settings, you'll see a heading: 'Publishing' and a box to the right with the name of your Blogger blog (which will be a blogspot one). Right underneath, it says 'Add a custom domain' and 'Point your own registered domain to your blog'.

      It doesn't say anything about having to buy a new domain name especially. And you aren't obligated to stay with the same service you bought a domain name from, either.

      Regarding your hosting service:
      Basically, you need to find a new hosting service and tell them you want to transfer an existing domain name to them.

      They'll advise you what you need to do to get Bluehost to release your domain. You can cancel the hosting service at any time, but you do need to get the domain transferred as well, or you'll just have a name and nothing to actually support or publish your blog. So while you're doing all this, perhaps you might like to run the blog as a blogspot blog for the time being.

      The transfer should be pretty straightforward... UNLESS for some reason Bluehost are troublesome. Although there is no reason they should be as people transfer to different hosting services all the time.

      Another way to do it is to allow your domain name to lapse when it's time for renewal - and open an account immediately with the new hosting service. You'll have to buy/renew/register the domain name via them (dot com domains have to be renewed every year). There is a risk involved, in that if someone else has taken a fancy to the name and steps in to buy it. Also, if you don't renew within a certain time frame (you're give a small grace period) again you won't have any hosting support so your blog will temporarily disappear.

      I hope this makes sense? What you really need to do is find a host that you want to go with, and ask them how to do all this transference business.

  15. I'm trying this myself since I got suspended on wordpress, I love my stories and diary entries of memories. So fingers crossed in converting this here!

  16. I did the export and import thing and it worked just fine. But I can't get my blog to show up on Blogger instead of on Wordpress. After I did everything when I went to my blog the Wordpress version showed. Not the Blogger one.

    I already tried switching the nameservers from my host to Google's nameservers. But that didn't help.

    What do I do? I could really use your help!

    I'm at

    1. HI Nicole

      I'm so sorry you too are having problems - moving from wp to blogger is definitely a thorny issue. Have you read David Haimes's directions carefully: as a first step? And also all the comments here - maybe you haven't given it enough time to 'take' - it seems this all needs around 24 hours to update.

      Also, have you directed the Blogger blog to the same domain name, as I did? The blogger one should override the wp one (mine did).

      If you've allowed 24 hours, and the changeover hasn't happened, I'd say it's just one little tiny glitch which should sort itself out. You've imported successfully from wp, so the format is recognised, which is the main problem to overcome - so congratulate yourself on that bit, as it's the worst to handle.

      I'm thinking this could be the solution...have you gone to Settings > Basic Settings and checked the box in the Publishing section? Just under the blog address is a + sign and text in blue - check if you have the url put in to point to a third party setting. I think this could be the problem?

      Do let me know if this fixes it.

    2. Hi Susie thanks so much for getting back to me. My blogger blog is directed to

      Originally it was at Blogger. I moved to wordpress about a year and a half ago, and now I want to undo that.

      The import from Wordpress was quite easy. My problem is getting my blog to show in the Blogger version not in the Wordpress version.

      Maybe I should give it some more time?

    3. I know it took a good 24 hours for it to show up, for me. So I'd suggest you give it more time. If it still doesn't work, try doing the whole thing over again, double-checking step by step, as the tiniest little slip - like leaving a space - can be the difference between things working or not.

      Also, David Haimes (see his comment above) is very helpful and approachable - and knowledgeable. I'm totally self taught, so he can probably advise where I can't. I do know Blogger has been making a load of changes to their coding, which could have upset things - yet your transfer was accepted, so it doesn't seem like anything is wrong there...

      I'm sure it's a time thing. I know you're probably on your last nerve now, with a sinking feeling in the stomach (I get this every time, lol) but try to keep calm and fingers crossed it's just a matter of waiting a little longer for the coding to kick in. These major changes seem to action at midnight (like banking info updates at midnight) but of course it depends what the timeline is for blogger and/or wp, and where in the world you are. I'd give it at least until tonight before you check again.

      Good luck, and do let me know.

    4. You are so right about my nerves. That's why I dislike wordpress so much! Now my whole blog has disappeared! I can't believe it's so difficult to get my blogger blog to show up on instead of the wordpress version....

    5. OMG! Stupid question: did you open a blogger blog, calling it (for example) momfever.blogspot etc, and then point this to your address? If you just went straight for the .com address that might be the glitch...

      If you haven't deleted the link you've saved on your desktop, try uploading to the blogspot blog, then go underneath and point it to your .com address. See if that works.

      I'm so sorry you're having all these problems - it was so straightforward for me - my problem was saving as an xml doc that I could upload to blogger.

  17. Hi, I've just tried again. I changed the nameservers again to tell that my blog is now hosted at blogger. But then when I went to it wasn't found at all. So I got scared and changed the nameservers back to my current host.

    Or is it a normal part of the process, that your blog disappears for a while? I would think it would still be visible on wordpress until the transfer is processed or something.

  18. Thanks for the great tutorial! I had the same experience - hated WP org!! Ugh. Plus it's not free. :( So I am in the process of moving back. The posts come over ok but the pics are all wonky. Grrr. Guess I won't publish till the pics can be reloaded.

  19. Hi Susie, I'm considering moving my blog back to blogger hosting as well after only 2 months with self-hosted Using Bluehost I had so many server errors, even after being moved in the cloud which is supposed to give you 100% uptime. I had my blogspot for three years without a hitch, I love the simplicity of it after having been on the other side. I had my new top level domain name only for the last month of my stay with blogger.

    My question is....I never deleted my old blogspot that I redirected from. Just curious if I can use that one or do I need to begin again with a new account and import everything, format, set up template and then go live. That does seem to be the cleaner way to go but just curious since I still have my old account with stats, old posts, comments, etc. Hope my question makes sense. :)

    Thank you for any help!

    1. Hi Julie
      Sorry for the late reply - this was held in my Moderate box, not sent by email, so I simply didn't see it! No excuse really as I should have checked...

      RE your question - as you never deleted your old blogspot, it should still be there. You should be able to transfer your posts and pix back to Blogger, although you may lose your comments. If you are still paying Bluehost, you could consider shutting down the wordpress blog, and then redirect your Blogger blog to the same domain name. That way you'd have the best of both worlds as anyone clicking on your wordpress url would immediately be sent to your resurrected Blogger blog. And anyone with the Blogger url from before would still find you.

      Alternatively, you can still use your original Blogger account but start a completely new blog with a new name if you prefer. Just depends if you want a completely clean start or not. And there's nothing to stop you putting notices (static posts) on both the wordpress blog and the old blogger blog, sending them to the new one...

      Hope this helps,


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