How to add links in your posts

You can see the two links here

I've had an email asking me how to add links in a post. I've written and published the tutorial on my 1stfloorflat blog, and am repeating it here as well.

This really isn't as hard as it looks! Here's how I do it...

First, type the words you want to link. For argument's sake, we'll say I want to go to a tutorial I have on my Computery blog.

First, highlight and COPY the url - this is the address you want the link to go to.

Highlight the words or phrase you want to use to make your link, then click on the Link icon in the top toolbar of your posting area.

Next, type your post. Highlight any word or phrase you want to use as the link, like I have done here.

Clicking on the LINK icon in the posting area will bring up the EDIT LINK box. The text you typed will display in the top TEXT TO DISPLAY box. If you don't like the wording, you can type something else in here, which will immediately change the text in the post for you.

You've already copied the url you want the link to go to - now paste it into the WEB ADDRESS box.

You may want to tick the OPEN THIS LINK IN A NEW WINDOW box before you click OK. This means the link will open in a separate page when clicked on. If you don't tick this, you'll find your blog changes to the new link url, and people will need to remember to use their back arrow to get back to you.

If you want to make your link really stand out, highlight the words or phrase in the post and then click the BOLD and ITALIC buttons, like I've done here.

Finally, I'm adding the link again here (to save you scrolling back up this post, although you can if you want, just to see I've done it all 'live', as it were).

Hope this helps!

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