HOW TO REMOVE a blog background, button or blinkie

I've had an email asking for help in removing my freebie blog backgrounds (see my Blogology link under the header if you'd like one). It's very straightforward - just delete the widget! But for those of you who are a little nervous, here's a comprehensive guide...


Go to your Dashboard and click on Layout in the sidebar, as shown.

Particularly when you just start to blog, you see all these freebie backgrounds and blinkies, and want to experiment with them.

Virtually any blog will tell you how to add them: copy the code and paste it into an HTML widget on your blog (it's best to add it down near the footer as this helps the blog to load faster for some reason).

Look for the correct HTML widget - you may have a few, so just keep clicking on them in turn until you find one that looks something like the above. Click on REMOVE - and that's it! You've removed that background.
But a lot of blogs won't tell you how to REMOVE them! It's basically as simple as going into your Dashboard and clocking on Layout, then finding the HTML widget and deleting it. Just keep clicking on the various widgets in turn until you find the right one, then click the Remove button - and that's it! Job done.


Look for the code, then go ahead and click Remove to get rid of the widget.

The code for these looks a little different, but they're still just HTML widgets. Click on each widget when in Layout view until you find the correct one, then click Remove - and it's gone. Don't forget to click on the orange Save Arrangement button if you move things around whilst you're in tidying-up mode.

Alternatively, when looking at your blog, you'll see a tiny hammer&screwdriver icon at the bottom right-hand corner of any widget  - which means you can edit the widget in blog view instead of going via your Dashboard to the Layout view. Again, click on the Remove button to delete that button or blinkie. This is actually the easier way to do it, as you can see exactly what you want to remove without having to hunt for it.


This is a picture widget - looks a little different, but the principle is the same.
Just as simple to remove!

Here's another widget variation. Just as easy to remove!

I've also posted this on my 1stFloorFlat (main blog) and Blogology site, so everyone can see it. Hope this helps!


  1. Thanks for your info!! Your blog has been a help to me! But I have an issue I wonder if you could help me with... I added a background from Simply Blog It about a year and a half ago. Today it is messed up! I cannot figure out how to find the code for it and remove it.
    Here's my blog...,
    If you could take a look and give me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

  2. Never mind! I just went back to a simple blog and will be happy. Thanks!!

  3. Hi Debbie - only just seen your posts! I had a look at your coding and I can see you've already installed the Simple template, so can't advise on that older one. You should have been able to see the code in an html widget, as I've shown in my post. So I can't help in this instance, but if it ever happens again, do email me!
    Hugs etc...

  4. Hi, Thanks for stopping by (a while back) I have been perusing your blog, and Wow!
    you sure have a lot of helpful info. I'm your newest follower. Thanks.

    1. Donna, thank you so much! And thanks for following as well. So glad you are finding some useful stuff on here.

  5. AWESOME, this was what I needed. Thank you.

  6. Hi there, thanx for the info, but it's not working in my case, boo. I don't suppose you could help me? I also want to change my blog background but can't seem to get rid of the old one - i know how to instal a new background by adding it via an html widget - i did that, and when my blog loads, for a split second i'd see the new background and then almost immediately the old one will appear again, and it just replaces the new one, somehow. I can't remember how on earth i added my old background, but it's not to be found in ANY widget on my blog, so it's not as simple as just deleting it....i don't know where to find the background info so that i can delete it! :( Do you get what i mean, and do you have some advice please? Tnx!!!

  7. Ah! Typical, just after i ask for your help i find the answer! I just overlooked it because i named the widget and didn't think it was that one to delete, until i searched the program code and saw it WAS in a widget.

  8. Hi NaturallyMeCreations - So glad this worked for you (only just seen both your comments).

    If in doubt, click on every single html widget to see what it is - some name themselves, some don't. Drives you mad, huh?

    Anyway, all's well now, which is the important thing. Do scream if you need any help in the future - or if you'd like to see a particular tutorial.

  9. Thanks! What a pain that was until I found these simple steps!

  10. My layout doesn't have a widget any longer but that's how I added the background! I can't figure out how to get rid of it.

    1. Hmm,this is a tricky one. Been there, done that (could have screamed at the time). Try these solutions and see if they work.

      SAVE A COPY OF YOUR BLOG to your desktop FIRST though, just in case...

      Some companies, eg: CutestBlogOnTheBlog, have templates that add code in more than just the one html widget (I know, because I had trouble deleting one of their older templates).

      1.Try clicking on every single html widget in your blog in Layout view, and see if you can identify your background - it may have entered in several separate widgets.

      2. If you can't find anything, try this: go to your Dashboard and click Template in the sidebar. Click on Edit HTML (under the Live On Blog pic) and then you'll see your blog's html code. Now click on Format Template to see the full template coding.

      3. Next: on your keyboard click CTRL + F (or Command + F) which will bring up a little Search box just under the Format Template button.

      4. Type in the word: background. You'll see every piece of code with the word 'background' highlighted, so scroll down and see if you can see anything there. You should see something with the name of the blog company and an IMG code - this will be the background.

      5. Delete this then press the Preview button before you save anything.

      If nothing's there, just hit the Back button. As long as you don't save anything, you haven't made any changes.

      If all else fails, change your actual template. Choose anything from the selection of Blogger templates - it must be a totally different one to the one you have, not just a different one in the same group (ie: a different colourway). See if this deletes the background. Change back to your original template and that problem widget should be gone. You'll probably have to re-order your sidebar again as things may have moved - and reset widths, etc, which is a pain. But this should remove that tricky code. And if you want to just give up, reload your blog template again (you'll have saved your Backup somewhere easy to find, eg: desktop).

      I hope this helps - do let me know, and GOOD LUCK.

  11. Thanks for this tutorial.
    I've checked mine and the background image is not in any of the widget, so, i suppose it's embedded in the blog template like what Rachel and Dobby have.

    I followed what you recommended and when I tried 'finding' as in Step 4, I found something with the name of the person the template is accredited to, together with a seemingly the url for the background image. I removed this and the background is still there.
    The background is a gradient light green which can only be seen right below my blog header. Everywhere else, this background image seems like it has been overlapped with a white layer.

    1. Hi Floyd - I'm glad the tutorial helped.

      However, re your current problem.... I've just taken a look at your website, and your background appears white, with the Pages bar immediately under the header appearing a gradient green - this gradient bar is actually a default setting in the Simple template.

      Save a copy of your template, just in case, then follow these steps.

      Go to Template > Customise, then click Advanced in the left sidebar.
      On the inner sidebar, select Tabs Background and then click Transparent for the Background and White or Transparent for the Selected Color.

      If this doesn't do what you want, try this tweak - copy and past the entire section below and paste into the box you'll see when you scroll down the second sidebar in Advanced to where it says Add CSS:

      Go to Template Designer > Advanced > CSS code and add this:

      .body-fauxcolumn-outer .cap-top, .body-fauxcolumn-outer .cap-top .cap-left, .body-fauxcolumn-outer .fauxcolumn-inner, .body-fauxcolumn-outer div {
      background: transparent;
      .content-outer {
      -moz-box-shadow: 0 0 ;

      When you've done that, click Enter for it to 'take' and you should see the change immediately. Only click Apply to Blog if you are totally happy.

      I hope this does the trick for you - do let me know how you get on.

  12. Thank you! Thank you! Just spent 45 minutes trying to remove a background. LOVE your blog background!

    1. So glad this worked for you, and thanks for the compliments on my blog background. If you'd like it, all my backgrounds are on my Blogology site, and this one is called Ledger:

  13. I want to remove background on


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