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Added 30 Jan 3013:
I've had an email about the new template layout and labelling. So here you are - hope this helps!
Adding lables with the new dashboard layouts
You still need to add the Label widget in your sidebar, but you'll now be able to update labels on old posts by Updating rather than republishing.

NOTE - some of the suggestions below may help, but you'll find a lot now out of date.
I've had a query on how to label your blog posts - and why you'd want to!

Easy peasy - just go to Design > Page Elements view and follow the two pix below.

Click on 'Add a Gadget', select the 'Labels' widget and add it right into your sidebar. That's it!
Make selections to fine tune your widget to how YOU want it (see below).

Because it helps people can find particular items easily, without having to scroll through post after post after post, trying to find that item that caught their eye a while ago.

For example: you saw an ATC, and want to see more of them. If the link under the post has a label, eg: ATC, then you just click on it and a whole page of ATCs appear, as if by magic. Blogger shows every post with an ATC label, in one scrollable page. Brilliant!


Label your posts in the little white 'Labels' box, just under your posting area. Just type them in, but make sure you separate each one with a comma, or you'll have one very long continuous one!

If you already typed some labels, they'll be saved. So no need to separate these with a comma.

You'll see all the labels show under that post when you've published it.

And here's how those labels under the post translate to that widget in the sidebar.


This is so easy to do - when I started, I labelled everything in sight! Now I've got so many that it's confusing. Here's what you do:

Go to Edit Posts view, and you will see all those labels in the left column. Blogger tells you here how to edit multiple labels at once, so you can relabel, unlabel, a whole bunch of posts all in one go!

Hope this helps!


  1. After searching the web over for this specific (and understandable!) how-to, this newbie blogger thanks you from the bottom of my heart! My blog has a new attitude, thanks to you.

  2. So glad I was able to help! Let me know if there's anything specific you need a tutorial on, and I'll see what I can do...

  3. Hey admin what to do to link the labels to the post if the labels are already given in the template.I mean the label is already given in the template which I'm using.. You can visit my blog the address is

    1. Hi Arif

      I've updated with a screenshot of the new layouts, as the earlier screenshots are now out of date. I will be doing a post shortly with all the new stuff, and deleting a lot of the posts which are no longer relevant.

      So here's the latest Blogger layout. You still have to add labels to every individual post, and also add the Labels widget in your sidebar for this to work (as you can see in my own sidebar).

      I hope this helps!

  4. Hi Susie thanks for your reply.. I have another problem that is whenever I open my blog from Google search not using the exact address of the blog there opens the newest posts in place of homepage.How to make it open the homepage so that visitors can see the whole contents of the blog on homepage..Please

    1. HI Arif

      I googled your link to pick up your blog url, and this brought up your latest post. However, when I opened a new page and added your url: this brought up your homepage immediately. I don't think there's anything you can do about this - it seems to be standard that when googling any blog or web address that acutal post urls will be listed. But when you type in or just click the name of the blog or web, ending with .com, .net etc, you will get the home page for that site. Sorry, but that is just the way these things seem to be set up. Hope it helps a little.

  5. Thanks Susie
    I was thinkig that on googing too it should show the homepage.

    1. Sorry, it's just the way it seems to be set up. I don't think there is anything you can do to alter things. At least the url is showing up, and if people click on any link they'll be taken to your site and most people will have the intelligence to click on your Home tab or your header, and go to your front page. Good luck!

  6. It's a shame that the search box doesn't look for labels, I have looked around my options and I can see no way to make it look for labels or tags, only the title of the post.

    Are you aware of any method to make this happen, it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Jack

      This is a bit of a thorny issue - seems there have been quite a few posts complaining to Blogger about this. So it might mean they are working on a fix as we speak! We can only hope... Meantime, here are a couple of suggestions:

      I think your best bet is to label the posts re category, then people will look at the Label widget in your sidebar to find what they want. I've found that deleting and reinstalling the Search widget helps too, and seems to work if people just enter a word for the category they are looking for, eg: card.

      You could also make your own buttons for your most popular categories. Make sure the posts are labelled, then make a button for, for example, Mixed Media. Click on the Mixed Media label in your Labels widget, which will bring up every post with that label. Use the url in your address bar as the url for your button, so that clicking on the button in the sidebar will also bring up all those labelled posts (I hope that doesn't sound like gibberish??) To make a button, see my post:

      I've also been trying to find the link for a 3rd party widget which was really good (a tab which floated on top of the blog, and extended from the side edge when clicked on) which I've successfully used in the past:, but it seems this no longer exists, which is a great shame.

      Another option you might want to investigate is this link (if you want to install a Search widget manually):

      I hope this helps! My very best advice is to label your posts as thoroughly as you can, and put the Labels widget in the sidebar, just under the Search box, so people can go straight to them. What they can't find one way, they should be able to find using the other alternative.

      Good luck, and keep me posted!

  7. That was of great help!! thank you

  8. What a great post. THANK YOU! I love your blog.

  9. Of good help indeed. Thank You.

  10. How do i turn the labels of posts to pages, so all things labels beauty ect also go to that pages as well as the home page, thanks Hannah Philipson

    1. Hi Hannah

      Clicking on the label automatically brings up every single post with that label, eg: beauty. So if you also want that as a page heading, you'd have to write yourself a blog button - see my tutorial:

      Once you've clicked on the label, copy the url which will be your blog address inc the label address, and this will be the bit you put in where I've indicated in red (your blog address). The code for the image will go in the second part.

      This can be your own image, which you'd house on an external site, eg:, picasa, flickr - you need the html code for the picture. You'll put this where indicated in red (your image url).

      Make sure there aren't any spaces between the " symbols and the codes, or it won't work. Copy the code and paste it into an html widget in your sidebar - or you can put this under your header if you prefer.

      Good luck!

  11. Wow! Easy to read and very useful! I use to use labels on an old blog but for some reason didn't apply it to my current blog. Gotta use those labels!

  12. hey thanks for this wonderfully organised post.being a beginner in blogging i was really getting confused about how to sort out my posts after sometime.going to add the label widget now and please do visit my page at the address

    1. I'm so glad I was able to help, and look forward to seeing your labelled posts soon! Best of luck.


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