Sunday, 9 October 2011


My test blog - WordPress free template: CORALINE
You all know I have rather mixed feelings re WordPress (it's beaten me twice, and I totally gave up for a while - but I DID find how to add my own backgrounds and headers to some of their freebie templates). And since several WordPress users have asked me about this, it's only fair to tell you all!


There's a slight difference in uploading the background to a WordPress blog - as with TypePad, the image has to come from your own computer - which makes things difficult for the designers of freebie templates re credit, kudos and copyright issues. So I suggest you do the right thing and add their button to your site, in your sidebar, with a little header such as 'Template from...', which sorts the issue nicely (as far as I am concerned re my own designs, anyway).


If you have the right package(ie: Theme Builder) then you can also add any freebie templates. The maximum default for Theme Builder is 900 pixels wide, so most 3-col Blogger background designs will fit! Hurrah! Again, you need to download the image to your own computer and then upload to your TypePad account.
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