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I had an email asking why I've been so quiet on this blog. Basically, it's so I didn't throw a tantrum: Blogger is making more changes, and these are filtering through very slowly to the UK. Meantime, blogs are not behaving normally and are causing much frustration and pulling of hair (and chewing of carpet too, in my case - having run out of fingernails).

On the very top toolbar, my Followers tab has disappeared, and also the Dashboard tab. I have to sign in every single time - although clicking the orange 'B' logo does at least bring me straight to my dashboard, so that's not so bad...
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My Quick Edit pencil icon has vanished on all my blogs - so editing a post is a pain and a torment of going in via the dashboard or extensive use of my Back arrow.

The Older Posts/Newer Posts/Home links at the very bottom of each blog page weren't working - although that's fixed now, so I'm hoping everything else will also go back to normal.

By the way, have you noticed the Labels and Post Options under the section where you write your posts has moved from the right to the left? Evidence of MORE changes! I do wish they'd tell us... if it aint' broke, etc...


You might notice changes when loading images - when clicking the Add Selected button and the image box goes blank... then nothing happens, the pic hasn't gone on to the blog, but it's still there in the image box thingie (thank goodness it hasn't disappeared altogether). So you try again... and again... If your picture won't go, try double-clicking the image itself - it works!


My main beef is that I can't leave comments!

Here, you can see my Google ID automatically shows in the comment box, so I can go ahead and leave comments for people.

This is my own blog, asking me for ID!
Here, you can see there's no profile showing automatically. So click on the arrow to choose one.

This is my own blog, refusing to recognise me. I feel unloved...
Here, you can see I chose to use my Google ID. Guess what? NOTHING happens. I have tried up to 6 times on the same blog, and nothing happens - the comment just disappears into the ether. I have also tried using my name and email address, my WordPress ID .... NOTHING. Totally nothing.

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And the worst of it is... it's my OWN BLOG and I can't even leave a comment on it, to reply to a comment someone has left for me! I have tried signing out of Google altogether. Makes no difference. So now I have to reply to people via their email if they have one in their contact details. Frustrating? You cannot imagine...

So watch this space - I'll update when I have more news.

Meantime, on a more cheerful note - I intend to post a new tutorial next week on customising the new designer templates, which I think you will love, love, love.

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  1. Susie,

    What a pain! Everytime I use my blog I just hold my breath, cross my fingers, several Hail Mary's and pray the blogger server is working at that moment.

    I ran across a blog not long ago that {for an unknown reason} they could no longer post on it so they had started a totally new blog! Now I think you'll hear me from across the big pond if that happens to me.

    Take care and know that you are loved even though blogger isn't showing it.

    Stephanie ♥

  2. Have you tried windows livewriter? Many prefer it over blogger. (if you're on a pc that is)

    BTW... no issues in Canada on blogger. :)


  3. Ah, I feel for you! I had a time where I could not leave comments on certain blogs and thought the owners had blocked me, or something! It was all fine in the end!


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