I'm so happy, I have to tell the world!

Google MUST be reading my blog - because everything is back again! Yes, the Follow button, the Quick Edit icon, the New Post button - and my comments are working again (although I'm still having to double-click to get my pix to load up - but I guess nobody is perfect....)

As Victor Meldrew said: 'I don't believe it!'
Victor Meldrew - copyright BBC
They must have read yesterday's post and put all their little geeky people to work under threat of extreme pain and withdrawal of pizza and chocolate priviledges, and Got My Blog Working again!

O happy day, hoorah, hurray.... I've definitely got to design a new blog background to celebrate!

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  1. Hi Susie...just wanted to let you know that I'm ready to pull my hair out! Blogger won't let me add to my blog list. The feature seems to be completely dead. Any advice on how to report it to Blogger? I wouldn't know where to start...thanks, ~Ann

  2. Ann - how frustrating, I totally empathise. To start with, have you checked the obvious - ie: are you up to your limit? Blogger only allows you to follow around 250 or 300 blogs (I know this, because I've reached my limit several times). If so, go in and check any you don't like, or are defunct, and delete them - then see if you can add them to your blog list. Otherwise, try through Google using their Reader. This should solve it, hopefully.


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