I love gadgetry - especially when it's free! Take a look at Shape Collage....

This web toy lets you do fantastic collages with a load of images automatically (you can also use text, dingbats etc plus the usual rectangle, oval etc) and looks to be a load of fun. Take a look at the final cat cutout - with around 120 images of cats within the shape.


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  1. Oh my goodness, how cool is that?!! I am heading that way now, thanks for sharing it!

  2. How fun!
    I'm off to try one now, there's a special birthday for a far-away friend in a couple of days - this may be a part of her surprise!
    Thanks Susie!

  3. Susie, thanks for stopping, OMG you are a computer whiz I have had so much fun looking thru your blog! Thank you for visiting


  4. I just discovered your blog for the first time today. You have a lot of great information and resources. I am very impressed.

    I especially liked the Shape Collage post becuase I have never heard of it and it looks like something I would use to make a really cool collage scrapbook page much faster. If interested, you are welcome to come check out my blog site at


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