It's nearly driven me to drink!
It's with an aching head and a lot of soul-searching that I've decided to admit defeat and move my blog back to Blogger.

  • WordPress.com doesn't support a lot of widgets, in particular the Followers widget (can you believe it?) so I have no idea whether anyone is actually following the blog, never mind who they are! So I felt very isolated.
  • WordPress is very picky over code. An awful lot of the widgets and customisations I love (scrolling marquees, Amazon lists, Ebay marquees, my Etsy scrolling link) won't work - WP doesn't allow java code etc.
  • Videos (YouTube, Vimeo et al) are really difficult to install. More often than not, the link didn't work, so I had to give up on them.
  • Customisation: unless I PURCHASE my blog, I can't alter the colour or size of the text. Although WP does allow some customisation, you have to be an expert able to write CSS style sheets to be able to achieve this - and again, I don't think it works unless you buy your blog. I'm self-taught, not an expert, and it really is too complicated for me!
  • Full customisation - yes, if you buy one particular template (around £150) and also only if you host your blog yourself, ie: site it on a hosting service, paying an annual fee. Then WP will allow you to put in widgets etc, as we know them... to a point... You'd need to read all the whys and wherefores on WordPress.org (not WordPress.com - they are two separate entities!)
  •  Images: yes, they do have a limit. Then you have to pay. Ditto for videos etc. Plus they are difficult to install! Worse than Blogger - you have to set whether you want the pic linked (meaning someone can hot-link your image - so, how secure is that???) plus size, plus position, name etc. And sometimes it opens in another window, sometimes it doesn't (this is sounding awfully familiar...) and sometimes it wants to default into a gallery. Plus it's difficult to get in to edit - I found it easier to delete and start over.
So I'm very disappointed to have to admit defeat. 

I can write a bit of code, I can design and install Blogger backgrounds and coding for numbered comments, signatures et al - but I have to say I've had enough. I've given it a good two week's trial, and it's beyond me!

I've sorted my security issues with Picasa by setting my albums (which I didn't know I had) to Private, and will be using LiveWriter more often (see the Links list below this post to read more).

So I've reimported the posts from Techniques (sent to WP) onto 1stFloorFlat and will be deleting the WP very shortly... after yet another redirect message. I'm so sorry for messing everyone about.


Guess what? WP will happily import from Blogger - but isn't so happy about you leaving them. However, I found this really helpful app which does it for you!

Download your WP code to your desktop, then browse for it using the button on the app exactly as shown. Once you've got the code in the window, click Convert and download that to your desktop. Go to Blogger > Settings and click Import Blog, browse for the converted code, hit Enter, and that's it! Simples!
 Here is the link: Wordpress2Blogger.

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  1. wow! I'm so sorry for your headache....I'm really glad I never switched to wordpress :-)

  2. I was considering changing over to Wordpress because I didn't like what Blogger has done with our photos, but I'm glad now I didn't! Thanks for being a guinea pig, Susie, & sorry you had all the hassle! xx

  3. Thanks so much for your support - I feel such a wimp for giving up, but I really did try! I gave it 2 weeks, culminating in a monumental row with my husband, who couldn't understand why I wanted to move in the first place - plus being totally fed up with me virtually living on the computer for the duration. (The foul language and temper tantrum didn't help - mine, that is).

  4. Susie - you are reading my mind!! Except I'm moving my blog from wordpress.org back to blogger...BUT I've found that the Wordpress to Blogger app didn't want a bar of me. Am wondering if I was trying to convert too many posts at a time?? Am going to try and seriously sit down with it this week because I'm outta here (wordpress) by Nov 1. Am over it (much like you!!) :)

  5. Renee:

    Granted,I moved from WP.com (not WP.org like you) but that app I posted the link of - it really works, so do try it. Blogger won't accept the WP xml code title as it is, but I had no trouble whatsoever once I clicked that Convert button.

    It deals with 1mg at a time - so if your blog is huge, maybe you can copy the code to a folder then delete part your blog, download the rest of the code to your desktop, convert it and import it. Then delete another portion, download it to your computer, convert it and move it to Blogger, etc. So it will do it in small chunks...

    Also, the coding on WP is different for vimeo and youtube videos (as are image captions: you can simply delete these, or copy&paste under the images in Blogger - see all my tutorials on Computery - link above header).

    If you keep a copy of the entire WP blog in a separate folder, you can upload it to WP again, so you can go back for any video links, then reenter them in your Blogger posts if they don't show up properly when you transfer.

    Any help I can give, just ask - now I've done it (in both directions) I can maybe advise a little.

  6. I am glad you share with us all these Oh SO precious info! They ask money for your blog???
    Am glad you are back here!

  7. How did you make sure you didn't get broken links when you moved back from wordpress to blogger? I remember when I moved from blogger to wordpress I had to do all kinds of things to make sure the links would keep working.

    I wanna move back to blogger too.


    1. I did get broken links - I had to put in a lot of the pix. I think it's because wp puts pix in galleries, whereas blogger has a different system. Tiresome but necessary. Although you could just delete the old posts with the broken links (if they're not important) if you'd rather not go through adding all the links back again.

      It's never as straightforward as one would hope (sigh....)


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