This week, my post is a tutorial - very important as it's all about our privacy online.

I'm furious! With the new picture uploader (see my post below) Blogger has now linked Picasa and PicNik - and made all our blog images public by default! This means that ANYONE can access YOUR private pictures.

Thanks to Stephanie at Queen of Dreamz, who followed up on my post below and did a little research then emailed me (I'm eternally grateful for this) here's how to change your settings to protect your privacy - which should be the default setting.

Go to your Settings, either via Google or via Picasa. I've gone there by googling for my Picasa album.

Click on Photo Settings and take a look at those defaults!

Tick or untick as you like - read the options CAREFULLY.

Save, and now you have some peace of mind. Now spamming is even more rife than ever, Google should never ever have linked these albums. In my opinion, this is a dreadful invasion of privacy.

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  1. Hell's Bells, that was an interesting one! It made me go and look at Picasa and change my settings. Thank you.

  2. Sounds like Blogger's taking lessons from Facebook!

  3. Hi Susie,

    Amazing how many of us were not aware of how these picasa albums are set up...thanks for posting about it. I think many will go look at their settings once they read this.

    Now I have such a simple question and you told me once already and I even wrote it down! ha ha

    I'm trying to line up some buttons {horizontally in one of my 1200 wide gadgets} that all have the html code.

    I've put in code for 3 buttons so far and they are all lining up vertically...Soooooo, what am I doing wrong? I think you told me to insert   after each code that I paste in??

    So this time it's probably ME and not blogger..

    What do I do?

    Stephanie ♥

  4. Could not believe this one! I went in and changed my settings, and yes, it does tick me off! I found you through Anne.

  5. I've just found this tutorial saved in my Outlook folders. Yes I got quite a shock recently finding all that stuff out there. I'll be sure to follow this tutorial step by step today. Thanks for your wonderful articles. You almost need to be my HOME PAGE!

    1. I'm so glad to be able to help. And yes, two years on from when I wrote this post, it's still current. Very worrying how much of our information is Out There without us ever being aware of it.


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