I've done a full tutorial on how to reset your Picasa settings to prevent your artwork and images from being pirated (see the post below). In addition to that post, here are a couple of important points:

The old editor is being phased out altogether

Many of you are using the old editor, being very happy with Minima - meaning you can swap around your backgrounds for all those freebies out there (including mine on my Blogology page). And you are either nervous of, or plain just don't like the new editor.

Go to your Dashboard, then click on the Settings tab
Right at the bottom, you'll see this new notice
Guess what? They are now phasing this out altogether!

Does this mean an end to all those blog designers out there? 

I'd say NO, because I've already worked out how to work with the new editor, and also how to embed the code into the html directly. But it will upset things for anyone using a background and unsure of which templates to use.

Retro images copyright-free from Tack-o-Rama
Well, I'll just delete all my private images off the Picasa album!

Sorry, it isn't that simple! Read on...

Deleting images from Picasa which are also on your blog

A word of warning... if you posted images on your blog: even if you didn't know you had  a Picasa album, you do NOW. So go in and change those settings!

Also, every image you post on your blog (even from old posts) now automically goes into your Picasa album - therefore, if you decide to delete an image, it also gets deleted off your blog! So think carefully before you hit that 'delete' button.

I don't have a Picasa album (I don't think...) so how do I find it?

If you have a Blogger blog, you'll probably have been asked to open a GoogleMail or Gmail account, and this address will most probably be the one you use to access your blog.

Go into your mail account, and you'll see a toolbar right at the very top - click on more to access the drop-down menu.

The first item you'll see is Photos - click on this and you'll be able to access your Picasa album(s) showing every pic you have on your blog, and probably a lot more!

Check my earlier post (below) to see how to adjust your privacy settings.

Even if you don't have a GoogleMail or Gmail account, they are still out to get you! After using the new photo uploader in a couple of new posts, go in and see whether clicking on the Picasa option will bring you to a page showing all the images on your blog. I think you'll find it will!

After your nervous breakdown, go in and reset your privacy settings as mentioned in my earlier post.

I'm repeating this post on Computery, as this needs to get to the widest audience possible.

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  1. So THAT explains it!!!!! I was gobsmacked to find yesterday that I had a Picasa web album...... In a way I was pleased because I had deleted a blog previously. My laptop had died too and then I realised some artwork had been on it and I thought was lost for ever. However, last night I found it all in the Web Album. I spent b****y hours last night trying to work out how to do multiple picture downloads so that I can get them on my hard drive and keep them.

    Thanks for the info re the new templates, new editor etc. I did as you suggested and yes, there it is telling me that the old ones will be phased out. I have changed to a new, very minimal one which I DONT LIKE because it leaves a very pale outline around my pictures. I am rather grumpy about all of this......pfffft!!!

  2. Back again! Have actually worked out how to remove the offending borders I was seeing. Could have done without all the faffing and reworking though. Keep up the good work with your blog..............

  3. Thanks again for this, Susie. Forewarned is forearmed! Maybe we should all write to Blogger and complain, though I don't suppose they'd take much notice. xx

  4. Well said. Thanks for all this info. I know I need to check my photos as I've had some swiped recently. But, this explains well what I need to do. Now, if they could just fix the commenting part

    Your the best,

  5. Thanks, Susie. I do wish I were more competent in the computer area. I checked my account - Picassa seems to have only two photos of mine. I did go in and change settings. As always you are up on the latest and so helpful!!

  6. Where have you been all my life? What an amazing blog--I don't know which I love more, the info or the design!

  7. Thank you Susie. This is such an affront! I found I do have Picasa album altho I never set one up nor do I use Picasa. But there were all my blog photos! I changed my privacy settings thanks to you and I am posting a link to your information on my FB page. People DO need to know this. Outrageous!


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