When Blogger first came up with the new template designer in Beta testing, they called it Blogger In Draft... and it had a horrible and difficult to use photo uploader. Then this disappeared, and I thought that was the end of it. Now it's BACK... and it looks like it's set to stay. Boo hoo!


Annoyingly! You CAN load an image from your computer - but some pictures take FOREVER! I wrote a post on my weight loss blog, so you can see how things work.

So my conclusion is: you need to resize your images to avoid a slow upload time. Which means more work for us, of course. The tutorial pix uploaded quickly and without any problems - the image I used on my post took FOREVER to upload, as it was a high resolution.

I also noticed that some images I posted DO NOT open into a larger size. So, although I've said don't mess around with the sizes, for some pix you may need to. I do hope this doesn't mean that Blogger won't keep the thumbnail option - it'll be a royal pain if they do! This will mean checking every photo loads at optimum size - and in the case of tutorials, as large as I can possibly make them.

I'd recommend you look at these tutorials I wrote previously re resizing images for the web, and also take a look at LiveWriter - you'll be able to bypass writing your posts in Blogger, and your pix will be exactly as you load them (one size, but at least you'll be able to add drop shadows and frame effects).

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  1. Only a couple months ago did I actually export my pics to 1200 dpi to achieve quicker uploads. Not only is it safer (so others won't want to steal your high res images for free), the quality is retained and the uploading is FAST.

    I highly encourage this route. You can still post your pic as XL on the blog and have all the quality retained (plus have it open larger when one clicks on it).

    Around 800 and you're stuck with keeping the image at about LARGE in your post plus it won't open very large.


  2. I personally have no trouble with the "new" option :) And I also use Livewriter, I juggle between both lol

  3. I detest this new feature as it loads things on my blog as it sees fit.
    Case in point--had 5 pics to upload. Took bloody FOR EVER. (which it never did before unless it wasn't working)
    It loads the pics, well 4 anyway, into the blog---without me clicking to load---in super giganto size---the actual photo size! I ended up having to delete part of the pictures to get them where I could work with them....
    Blogger is continually making changes that flat out STINK, and this photo uploader is on the top of thepile.
    Maybe they don't want people blogging.
    Maybe they just want white pages with boring text.
    Maybe they are trying to send me over the edge....
    I'm voting on the last one, as I thumb my nose at them. Pffffft!!!

    Anne....annoyed and crazy, as usual... ;)

  4. I think you are a STAR to take the time to do this for others....... :O)

  5. Oh no my patience is being tested. Can someone please tell Blogger we don't like this new feature which is not user friendly at all!!
    Susie, thx for taking initiative to help. Hugs!!

  6. My current problem is that, as far as I can tell, you can no longer click on the images for original size? I use my blog to post photos of the prodigal grandchild so that both sides of the family (on either side of the world) are able to grab any of the photos that they like and save them to disc for printing or whatever. But now I have to make the images "large" or "medium" in order to fit in the post, and then it doesn't seem to allow me to click for the original size... Ggggrrrrrrr.

  7. Hi Nicola

    I totally sympathise. One tip I had from another blogger (I was having the same problem) is to keep the size of your images large - at least 1000px at 96dpi, so then the thumbnail facility kicks in.

    Smaller images it seems to ignore, and loads as is. Don't know why - it didn't use to do that.

    Hope this helps


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