Lookie here!

Now featuring..... ME!

I was interviewed by Kathie of Just a Happy Housewife - you can just imagine how happy I was to be asked! Beyond excited!

Here's the interview if you'd like to read it - and thank you so much to Kathie for making my day. I even get a button, which is now proudly displayed in my sidebar (and on Computery as well - I've repeated this post over there as well).

Nothing like overkill, lol.

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  1. I was actually thinking of interviewing you for my blog. I just recently opened my blog up to do product reviews so my page rank isn't great-perhaps sometime in the future you will consider being featured on my blog.

  2. I'd be honoured and delighted - just ask whenever you are ready. Thank you so much for thinking of me!

  3. Hi Susie,

    Congrats on your interview! A great way to bring traffic to you too.

    I have another problem with the blogger they have updated the "upload" window...I uploaded a few photos last night to put up a post and the photo would show up in the window but it was rotated in the process?? So my photo that is a portrait view now becomes a landscape view and of course it's sideways!! I tried uploading many over and over and sometimes another photo would upload and not be rotated.

    So now I cannot upload the photos I wanted to to put together my post. {boohoo}

    I've still not been successful with live writer either. So I'm really on the verge of changing blogging platforms..I'm so tired of fighting with blogger.

    Let me know if you've heard of anyone else having this issue.

    Stephanie ♥

  4. Yikes! You can't give up now, after ALL THAT WORK!!!!!! And take it from me, WordPress is a nightmare.

    Uploading: what a change - hadn't seen this till you mentioned it.

    I have just done a new post.

    What I did: clicked on upload in the right-hand pane (ignore those on the left) and my pics uploaded as normal. I uploaded all 4 at once, then clicked the bottom button to enter them into the post, one at a time.

    NO problems whatsoever!

    Perhaps you were trying to upload just as they were altering the programme? Maybe try again today?

    And did you read my Cheat tutorial combining LiveWriter and Blogger (enter everything as a new post in Blogger in Compose view, then SelectAll > Copy it and paste into LiveWriter. THEN edit in LiveWriter and post to Blogger - this way, you get to keep the thumbnail size that Blogger does.)

    Don't lose heart - I'm sure it's down to teething troubles

  5. Thanks Susie,

    I'll give it another try..and yes, I've put in so much work thus far...just frustrating is all.

    Thanks for replying..I'll go give it another go!

    Happy Day,
    Stephanie ♥


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