Now we have this wonderful Extra Page facility, you may decide you want to tidy up your sidebar and move some of the links - especially if you have a lot of them in a particular category.

You may have seen articles about how to save your widgets (which works perfectly when you are moving to a different template or blog) but this method does NOT work when you want to take a Link widget from your sidebar to enter into a post or onto your new page.

Here's a very safe, foolproof method. It's slow and very tedious, but you don't have to do it all in one go (do just a few each session). What you do is to create your own text links.

First, create a new page and type in the title of the page, and possibly a little text. You can add pictures too, if you choose to. Treat it exactly like a new post (click Edit to update at any time). New pages act exactly like single posts - except they are static.


Click on the Edit icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the Links list if in blog view, or click on Edit in Layout view. This opens up the Links list so that you can work with it.

Alternatively, click on every link in your list and open them into a new page (CTRL+click) so you can copy the URL.

Keep your new page open, and also the Links list, so you can transfer them. As you switch from one pane to the other, the list will drop down to your bottom toolbar. Just click on it to bring it up again.

Click on the Edit icon next to the name of the link you want to transfer. This will open it out so that you can see the URL, which you want to copy and paste to your new page.
 In the posting box of your new page, click on the LINK symbol on the toolbar- then insert the URL into the URL BOX and type the name you want to show in the box above. Click OK to save the link.

You'll now see the link on your new page.Click Save under the link on the Links list to close the URL you just transferred. If you delete it now, the box will close altogether, and you'll have to go back to your main blog to click on Edit to open it again. Just clicking on Save means you don't lose your list until you are finished.

Keep transferring the links one by one until you are finished (this may take more than one session: click Edit on the new page to open it, then add more links as and when).

 Happy? Here's how you link will look:

Transferred all your links to the new page? Now you can click REMOVE on the Links list and it will disappear from your sidebar.


You'll have noticed that clicking on any link in the normal way usually means your blog page changes to that link. You may want all of yours to open in a new tab/separate page.

This means that you need to add your own text links, rather than use Blogger's Link facility in the toolbar.

Here's how:

Copy and paste the link below into your new page, as many times as you need (you can add more later) and substitute the coding with your own:
<a href="http://url of link/" target="_blank">Name of link</a>
Get your link codes from the Link list (as above) and subsitute your own URL by pasting it where shown (the first half of the code), then copy and paste - or type - the name of the link in the second half of the code.

Publish when you're done!

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  1. Oh,my dear I can describe you how much you help us with you lessons!!!-)*

    I am absolutelly not good with a making of new things and pages in my blog:-(Truly, I need a little more time for!-)*
    But I like it SOooo much and I know for sure that I should learn it!
    Thank you and many hugs,

  2. You have so many wonderful blogs, I'm not sure which one I should be responding to for Pink Saturday. I picked the first one on your list but let me know if you prefer another. Thank you for stopping by for Pink Saturday. That lady's comments did not hurt me. It is obvious she has been wounded and easily run off by difficulties. I feel sorry for her. So no one else is allowed to have a pretty tea blog but her friends?! The internet is full of 'interesting' people! lol

  3. Thank you so much for the tips.
    Very interesting blog!
    Have a great day!

  4. Susie, You are such a doll to post all these tutorials (or toots as I like to call them :) I have been reading all your stuff today as I want to make some changes to my blog. It's been sooooo helpful! thank you!! xoxo Lynn @thevintagenest


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