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I get a free newsletter from one of the It sites, and found this great (free) link for you - UNSHAKE. It un-shakes and de-blurs your blurry, shaky photos and pretty much makes them decent pix again.

You'll have to experiment (just a little bit) to get the right settings, but UNshake is 100% better than deleting or throwing those photos away!

Hope this helps!

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  1. I love the photo of the photographer! and I will give unshake a try since I don't always have a steady hand.

  2. This would work great with some of my children's action shots:)

  3. Sounds like a very helpful tool, especially with so many vintage & retro images that need attention.
    Just loaded it (I think), should I have gotten a small DOS menu along with a pic and the UNShake program? It may be that I should have rebooted after updating my Java before downloading it. Haven't seen much DOS since 1998 lol.
    Can barely wait to bring new life to those blurries hiding in my files.
    It's awesome how many generous people create these open-source programs and give them for free! You're a doll for bringing so many interesting things our way.
    Thanks Susie ;)


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