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I've been having yet more problems with my poor computer (just over 5 years old) and several unexplained crashes. All who know me are aware I'm more than paranoid re viruses etc, and am very good about using my DiskClean and Defragmenting programmes regularly.

So having had another crash on Friday - for no reason that I could see - right in the middle of my writing my Pink Saturday  post (which really made me scream) there's been nothing for it but to get a registery cleaner. What this does is clear out all the unused stuff that accumulates, plus old and out of date stuff, all of which stops a computer running properly.

I dowloaded a Registry Cleaner and found I had more than 1600 errors: odd bits of programme that hadn't deleted etc. To say I'm shocked is an understatement. However, I am very happy to report the Digeus programme I finally decided on has cleaned all this mess up for me. This is one area I am no expert on, and don't even want to know about, thanks. Like driving a car, I really don't want to know what goes on under the hood.

By the way, this works for all computers from Windows 95 (has anyone got one still working?) through Windows XP (mine) to Windows 7 (I'm hoping I may be able to afford this sooner or later... ) . I'll also be posting this onto my Computery site, for future reference.

So I'm a happy bunny again!

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  2. One of the major disadvantages of using these pieces of software is that it doesn’t allow you to organize the errors in priority order. You could have an error that is absolutely critical, yet it could have literally just joined the back of the cue.


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