This is a simple, quick fix - how to remove those lines around your header. Especially useful if you have a fancy header with pictures and custom fonts.

Go to Layout > Edit Html and save a copy of your blog before you start (download it to your desktop). It only takes a second.

Click CTRL+F on your keyboard to bring up the Find box and copy&paste this code: #header-wrapper
into the box, which will bring up the section you want, highlighted in green.

Change the border: 1px to border: 0px in both sections shown, and that's it - job done!


Of course, if you want a thick border you just do the same - but in reverse. Change the border: 1px to border: 6px, or whatever thickness you want. Preview first, then save.

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  1. Thank you so much for your simple and explicit directions! They make this easy and possible to get started on what intend this blog for. You're amazing, keep up the beautiful work and superb tutorials!


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