I'm really excited! Blogger has just published a new widget - Pages - so finally, FINALLY those who love Blogger (I do) can have all the extra pages we want, like WordPress has. So our blogs will act just like a website.

I know you're all looking at my links and thinking, well, Susie's doing this already - but I wasn't. I was creating each page as a separate blog and then linking these to my main blog, to act like separate pages. Which means they all show on my Dashboard - and it can get quite confusing!

So - what's all the fuss about re the new widget? 
  1. You can add up to 10 NEW PAGES which will all link under your header.
  2. You can have the links horizontally under the header, or vertically and in your sidebar.
  3. It's Blogger, it's easy to work with, nothing new to have to learn.
  4. It's foolproof - and if you don't like it, just delete the page.
  5. No coding involved! Hurrah! We can ALL do this!
  6. Each page will be an exact copy of your blog, with the same background, sidebar widgets etc.

Here's how:

  1. Click New Post or go to the Posting page. You'll see a new header: Edit Pages. 
  2. Click either New Page or Create A Page.
Then name your page, write a post, set your Comment Moderation preferences and Publish your new page!

This is perfect for a fuller About Me page, or a gallery of art swaps, all on one page etc. I'll probably do a page of links, with pictures or something.

Lilly at I Love The Way She Blogs  also has a tutorial about the new widget which you might also want to read. She has a slightly different slant on it - remember: this is brand new and takes a little getting used to, to appreciate everything you can do with your new page facility. If I see any other tutorials on this, I'll add them as well. It's always nice to get everyone's opinions on anything new.

I highly recommend you Moderate Comments but do NOT tick the Show Word Verification box as well. You don't need it if you Moderate Comments, as nothing can get past you without your seeing it (you'll get an email - which you can accept or reject on the spot, without having to go via your Dashboard).

Continually typing in those codes is a royal pain. Plus - spammers are not deterred by typing in a code. And I can't think of anything worse than typing in a code and the comment is then published immediately - without the blog owner even seeing it. This is how all this spam and other nasties can get through, unfortunately.

Have fun with your new super-dooper new pages! 

Other tutorials just published:

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  1. You are my hero! I can't wait to have fun playing with this!
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks for this tutorial. I hopped over from Anne's blog and must say I love the banner you made for her. Good work!!

  3. WOOHOO!! Thanks so much for sharing - this is awesome!!!!

    Yippee skippee!!!!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the new widget. Now I've got to come up with some page ideas.

  5. BTW, I noticed when I published my last comment that you have word verification turned on.

  6. Hello Susie,

    I've just published a post linking to your tutorial for those that are not aware of the new gadget.


  7. I am doing this, but can't seem to get them side by side. They show up as a list but I want them side by side. Could you puleeze help?? Hugs and thanks for the great ideas you always have :)

  8. KBeau - I took the Word Verification off again. Sorry about that - thought I'd already done it. I had both Moderate Comments AND Word Verification on as I had my email address hijacked. I have got one very very persistent spammer (took it off Freebies, and there she is again, so will have to put it back on. What a pain.)

    Pink Princess - just drag & drop the links to where you want them. Don't forget, this is very very new, so there may still be a couple of glitches. Anything important, you know I'll post about it. And thanks very much for the compliment!

  9. Well, well, this changes the game, doesn't it! What a great widget. I'm going to have to think about how to use it. I have junked my blog up good with junque myself ...this is definitely going to help out.

    Once again, Super Susie rescues those of us who must do everything at once! Thank you from the bottom of my (cluttered I'm sure) heart!

  10. Susie: I had a spammer and I sent that person to spam somehow. Don't ask me how I did it...I think it was a drop down in my google email so I cannot tell you how. But, gone!!!

  11. Nancy: it does change the game! At last, a decent About Me page - maybe with some photos; one for a lot of artwork (maybe a swap?); one for projects etc etc. Each page is an exact duplicate of the blog, with all the widgets etc, and acts like one looong post. I have added to my Tutorials page (under top header) about 4 times so far, adding more links and pictures as I find them (or remember them).

    If you wanted a page with a different background etc, you'd still need to create another blog and link it that way, but I think this will answer a lot of needs.

    Originally my New Page links were in the sidebar, and appeared with bullet points. I then dragged the page under my header (Layout view > Edit Page) and now they run horizontally. Not much choice re size of type etc, but this is fixable in the html for anyone who wants to fiddle with it (like me...)

    So - how DID you get rid of that spammer? And can you do it again? I've had to put Moderate Comments AND Word Verification back onto my Freebies page. Bah!

  12. I could NOT agree with you more on the captcha, honey!!! From the very beginning of my blog I had it set for me to moderate every single comment. I had word verification up for a short time but it drove me nuts also, so I removed it and just approve or reject each one. I want no p*rn on my blog or spam or undesirable persons. This is definitely the way to do it.

    Thanks for your help. I'll be back later, sweetpea.


  13. I have just added new pages to my 6-month-old blog. I have the pages listed across the top under my header. Now, how do I get older posts put under those headings? I am such a newbie!

    I love your site and will return often, I am sure, for more tutorials. Thanks!

    Kim :-)

    1. Sorry for the very late reply - I've not been well, so simply haven't been checking my messages.

      I've had a look at your blog, and the main reason you are having so much trouble is that you have a Wordpress blog, and the advice I have given in the post is for Blogger. These blogging systems work completely differently from each other, and even the Wordpress blog works very differently depending on whether you are using a or (self hosting) template.

      Can you advise which template you are using, and I'll try to advise... Do please message me back.


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