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This picture entered using LiveWriter, medium size, drop shadow

Does this happen to you: You’ve written an item, put a picture in the post, put a caption underneath – and then publish, to find everything has moved around?

Great blank sections - or even worse, all your carefully placed text all over the place, wrapped around an image with some underneath, and it all looks a total mess?

I've finally worked out how to solve the "photos where you want them" problem.

  1. Update Blogger to the new editor if you haven't already (Settings > Basic - go right to the bottom).
  2. Write your post, and click the position where you want the photo to go (they always used to load at the top, but now will go where your cursor is).
  3. Click on the photo logo on the post toolbar and browse to find the picture, then click Enter - the picture will go in the centre of your post - you are then given the option of deciding where you want to place it (left, centre, right) and the size.

Don’t alter placement or size – yet

DON'T alter either placement or size. Do a carriage return (enter key) to go down a space and then type any caption you want.

Go down another space and continue writing your blog.

If you want to reposition, go back and do it. Don't alter the size unless you have to (you'll get the optimum size for the thumbnail anyway) and the image and caption should stay where you want them.

If you alter the position of the image as soon as you enter it onto your blog (say, to the left) the text will immediately wordwrap to the right of the image - then if you want to add a caption it entails the endless publish/edit/tweak/publish cycle, over and over. (Does this show up as entry after entry on our Reading lists? Can anyone tell me?)

Using LiveWriter – and why

If you want to add a ton of photos, alter size and placement to suit, this is foolproof but takes longer: download Microsoft LiveWriter:

Like everything, there are advantages and disadvantages: LiveWriter's downside (to me) is that you don't get thumbnail pix which you can then click on to enlarge. And if you try to edit in Blogger after publishing, the post defaults back to the Blogger problem of text/photo/publish/edit again.

Picture entered in the post in Blogger (thumbnail) & the whole post copied to LiveWriter

But if you want big pix, or a dropped shadow, or want to add copyright info - you'll love it! You can just get on and write.

My sneaky solution for perfect picture placement

HOWEVER - I have gotten around this by combing the two programmes in a sneaky way...

What I do now for complex posts with lots of pictures is to write the post in Blogger and position the pix more or less where I want them, then right-click to Select All > Copy whilst still in the post and BEFORE publishing, so it's still in the draft stage. I paste it all into LiveWriter (in normal view, not html view) then do any adjusting there, then publish.

This gives me all the advantages of LiveWriter (position, more freedom re size of text etc) and yet somehow LiveWriter keeps Blogger's thumbnail capability. So I get the best of both worlds.

So when I publish, I have posts and pix that display how I WANT them to!

I’d be very interested to hear if anyone else has tried this, and what you think of the idea – whether it’s the perfect solution or if you’ve come up with a better one.


  1. My Lord are a genius!
    I have a little time on my hands today so I think I am going to have to try this.
    When I have worked through the edit feature on Blogger, and believe me it is edit, post, edit, post....blah blah....I have NOT (knock on wood) had multiple posts---I guess because I am just editing the same thing over and over. If I have questions about a post I just hit save or then it ends up on the dashboard half done and though I delete, that tidbit remains in the dashboard window.
    I am hoping this makes some sense..... :)


  2. Anne - LiveWriter will really help. And you can save in draft, or if you notice a mistake later - you'll see the name of the post in the sidebar when in LiveWriter, so you can go into the post and correct it then republish THE ENTIRE THING so all pix, text etc will stay IN THE POSITION you want them in!

    If you did the post in Blogger in draft, it will save & publish over it.

    If you have posts in draft littering up your posting area, go to Edit Post and you'll see them all listed. Tick the Edit box and tick Delete (on the far right). Blogger will ask you if you really want to delete the post and give you the option to save any pix you uploaded. Go ahead and delete, and it's all gone. hooray!

  3. WOW! Thank you so much. Blogger has been driving me bonkers while I was trying to create blogs. And to top it off, I already had Live Writer on my computer and didn't know it! Now, I can go into all my drafts for upcoming blogs and fix the problems. YIPPEEE - Happy Dance.

    You are BRILLIANT!


  4. I haven't tried that yet, but I'm going to do so. I started using Live Writer a good while ago because I got so frustrated with Blogger, and sometimes when I would drag the pictures to where I wanted them, I couldn't click on them in the post to make them enlarge and would have to go back and edit the html to make that happen.

    I have missed the ability to do that in Live Writer, but the advantages outweighed that minor flaw because I make most of my pictures big anyway.

    I'm going to have to give this a try.

  5. Yup..It's helpful, useful.
    I always got crazy for the picture which have they own character, sometimes posting a page is rather hard for me when it's picture.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I hope everyone reads this post! It is so much easier to read a balanced layout. Right now I can't think of when I would use a thumbnail, but if I do, I'll certainly use this method.

    Live Writer is a Life Saver!

  7. Susie, you are so clever. You take the stress out of so many things for us all. I'm just about to go to NZ so I'll be trying this out at the beginning of April - doesn't that sound a long way off? Thank you for all your help, you're a treasure!

  8. Hey....this was really great. Was wondering because I do have the new editor for blogger..but do you know what happened to the spell check feature...? For the life of me I can't see it anywhere...Drop me a line if you happen to know...
    Terri G.

  9. I've now posted several times to my blog using LifeWriter and I LOVE it. Solved all my blogging problems!

    Thank you so much.

  10. Love your blog...
    Help! Can I still use LiveWire on a Mac? It doesn't look that way sadly...please let me know :(

  11. Hi Hello

    Yes you can!

    Here are some links:

    Hope this helps.

  12. oh thank you! I just checked those links...looks like I'll need to purchase Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 in order for me to run LiveWire – boo. Do you have any tips or recommendations for using any Mac apps for blogging? :(

  13. Thanks Susie. will try this livewriter soon. It sounds good combining the two. I just noticed the change at blogger and dont like it much at all. I also found that if i was doing a post where i needed to upload multiple images... if i tried to then post the images one by one so i could add caption beneath ... i go to place it then the darn thing just posts all of my pictures at once. Guess i need more time to use it and get used to it. you are brilliant for posting this. thanks
    hugs June xxxxx

  14. Great tip. Cannot thank you enough!


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