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I just found a wonderful tutorial for you - how to change your Blogger template without losing all those 3rd party widgets (links, clocks etc) we've so painfully collected over time.

I couldn't improve on perfection, so here you are, courtesy of Yummy Lolly.
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  1. Thank you for the link Susie. She's got extraordinary templates too!
    I have a little question: do you know how to add a frame or a picture to the title of my pages?
    I am reorganising a few things on my blog but, I don' like to see words just "hanging" there...It doesn't look neat.
    Well..this was my little question .
    It was nice to read your comment Susie. Thank you very much for your visit.

  2. Papillon Bleu - here's a quick answer:

    Here's how to add the header:

    How to MAKE your own header:


    You need to do this in a graphics programme, so that you can add a text layer

    Create a new document 100dpi and the same width (or a little wider) than your background, and maybe 200px - 350px high. Your blog looks to be standard 2-col width, so probably 700px wide will be plenty (you can tick the "reduce to size" box when you install it, or not tick it - see how it looks when wider - delete, then try again, until you are happy).

    Sort out the picture(s) you want to use, and apply to the new document in a separate layer.

    Add a text layer on top - any fancy lettering you want (there's loads of free font sites listed on Computery, or else google for free fonts) and then flatten the layers. Crop if you need to.

    Save as a jpg, then go into Header in Layout, and browse for your header.

    Tick the Instead of Title & Description box and upload.


    If you are making a header and want a drop shadow or an oval, or leaves outside the frame etc, then you need to have a transparent background and will need to save the document as a png (highest res of png possible: 24 bit if you can). And host the image on photobucket (create a free account).

    Here's my tutorial on adding a signature, and worth reading for the relevant bits on how to download from photobucket and insert the code:

    If you just load a png header from your computer, the background will go solid white just like a jpg. Don't know why, but it does. Hence you need to host on photobucket to get the transparency around the image.

    Tick the Instead of Title & Description box and upload.

    That's it!

    I hope this helps. I promise I'll put a proper tutorial on my To Do list.


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