This one's specially for Spencer at Bellamere Cottage - who is still having trouble inserting YouTube videos.

So I bet if Spencer is having trouble, a lot of you are as well! Therefore it's time for another little tutorial...

If you see a video on another blog that you like, click the icon at the bottom right corner so it takes you to the YouTube page (where you have the choice of size and background you might like to import to your blog). I prefer to do this rather than copy the code off another blog, as it seems to be clearer somehow.

Click on Embed Code to bring up the selection box.

Copy the YouTube Embed Code. Return to your blog post

Click on Edit Html in your post layout, as show in the picture. The tab is right next to the Compose tab. This brings up the post in html view.

Paste the code into the blog where you want it to be seen.

Publish Post when you are finished.

And here you are!

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  1. Oh are just the BEST....thank you so much for this tutorial...It's awesome and I sooo appreciate it!

    I can't wait to give it a whirl. I'd better be looking for something on YouTube!


  2. Susie Jefferson...Glad to meet you my friend!!!!! LOVE finding someone with computer savey!!! whohoooo!!! I'm almost breaking out in hives I'm so happy to find you! I'm putting you on my blogroll and keeping one eye on you at all times...Keep up the good work ,xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...Stop over for a Holiday visit, Love to have you!!!!

  3. I cannot tell you how much I thank you!
    It took me 3 days to prepare my little video ( including the doll making...), then I couldn't download it on my blog so had to create a link to my Youtube channel...what a pain in the neck it was! until I accidentally discovered your blog!

  4. but there's no way to align it...

    for my vids, i use style tags and then align="left/center/right" in it...

    at least that was the way i did in the old blogger editor.. haven't tried out this in new one yet....

  5. HEllo Susie, Wonderful tutorial.. Thanks.. I have added your name to my pot for the drawing on the vintage christmas gift wrap.. So happy you stopped by my blog.. Made me smile. NOw i have to go figure out this you tube thing.. HaPPY hOLIDAYS

  6. Wow! you are the woman I've been looking for; so lucky to have found you.I started my blog in August and still am looking to improve it.I will have to sit and read everything you posted.Thank you, thank you!

  7. Blss you Sage! If you get into trouble... EMAIL me!

  8. thanks


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