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I've had an email asking me how to change the colour of your fonts - and also how I get the fonts I use in my headers.


The answer to the second part is the easiest: if you download free headers and save to your My Pictures folder, or if you create your own headers, then all you need to do is add a font layer (also known as a vector layer) in your graphics programme, and save it as a jpg. This will flatten the layers, and the titling and the header will become one unit - which you can then upload into your header box.

If you download a header which is a png file instead of a jpg, this is because the outer edges of the document are transparent , and your background colour shows through (eg: an oval header). If it was a jpg, it would show on a white background just like a transparent image - but if you have a coloured background, it would show as a white rectangle with an oval image.

SO:  if it's a png and you add text using your graphics programme, you have to flatten the layers.

But in this case MERGE the layers (don't flatten them) and when you save as a png, your header will still have a transparent background. If you flatten the layers, the background will go white. If you save as a jpg, the background will go white. So merge your layers and save as a png.


I recommend you read my previous article
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If you create a header or save a pre-made one and add the text yourself, you can choose any font you like. Have a look through the links in the sidebar and see if you can find one you like, and download it. There might already be one in your fonts folder, so always check that first. I'm a sucker for free fonts - can't help myself - so there are lots of links for you to chose from.


If you want to change the colour of your posts as they appear in Blogger, it's easy. You might want to read this older post of mine re background colours and fonts, for an overview. I always match my colours when I change my blog backgrounds and headers.

Go Layouts > Fonts and Colours and the page will open out for you, showing a split screen. If you want to see this better, press the  F11 key (very top of your keyboard) and the page will open out the full height of your monitor (press F11 again to exit). I like to see my colours up close and personal, lol.

Scroll up and down the box: you'll see all the colour changes are listed at the top, with the font variations further down. So at the top, you can set your post title colour, for example - then scroll down to set the font style (Arial, Verdana, Times etc) and whether bold or italic. And the size.

If you want to customise your fonts even more, I recommend this excellent tutorial by Kevin&Amanda.  This is for experienced bloggers only, as there is a lot of work to do in the html - and you need to follow every single step very carefully.

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  1. Marvelous, Susie!! Another great , informative post. When I found your blog, the first post I read was about Splashup. I've had a look & I love it. Once I get the tedious stuff out of the way, I will go on to the fun stuff like playing with Splashup! Thank you sooooooooo much! Again, I am very thankful for your blog....more than I can express!!!


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