Here's the easy way to change your Blogger background.

This works best on a Minima background - so the first thing you need to do is save your template before you do anything (then if it all goes wrong, you won't lose anything).

If you want a 3-column background, then Minima is the best one to choose (it's the easiest to adapt).

Back up your blog before you do anything if you are new at this, and of a nervous disposition!

Go Layouts > Add a Gadget at the bottom of your blog - this actually helps the blog to load faster (and you aren't likely to delete the box by mistake when adding buttons etc).

Click HTML/JavaCode box  - this is where you are going to add the code for the background template.


Copy&paste the code into this box, Save - and that's it! Go and admire.
If you don't like it, just click to open the box again, and press Remove.

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  1. Hmm i tried this but I only get the background on the way bottom of my blog I want it as a background for the entire blog - am I missing something?

  2. Hi Hello - Yes you must be! You need to copy ALL the code for a background and paste it into an html box, then save it. Are you saving it as a picture? Or not copying all of the code for a particular background? Your background should show up immediately, and for the entire blog - in that it will show up on your screen, as you are looking at mine now - and the blog posts etc will scroll over the background.

    It only shows when you are looking at a published blog - not when you are looking at it in Layout view, for example. In other words, it's the public view that you will see, not when working behind the scenes.


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