Has anyone seen this little symbol on the toolbar above the box where you write your blog posts? And wondered what it's FOR?

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Here's the link that tells you: JUMP LINK

However, what they don't tell you.... don't use it if you like your Link Within gadget!

Why not? Here's why!

Yet one more thing to think about! But if you don't have Link Within, it's really helpful. I'd suggest highlighting the link in some way as well: change the font (F) or text size (TT) or Highlighter, so people can see it.

I took my jump link back out again, and now I'm wondering whether to get rid of the Link Within instead. If anyone would like to comment on that, I'd be very interested!

By the way, did you notice this little symbol has sneaked onto the toolbar since I wrote the article last week(below)? I wish Blogger would announce these things! I know that symbol wasn't there a couple of days ago. I'll be very interested to see the Next New Thing.

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  1. Thank you for leaving your lovely comment about my new blog look. You really made my day. I have had a look at a couple of your blogs and I love the vintage look to them. And I especially love the tips you give on blogging. Good luck with your digi scrapping and thanks again.


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