Here's a post written with a new blog editor I found: Qumana

It seems very simple to use: just tell it your blog address (same as for Windows LiveWriter) and then type into the window. The toolbars are very similar to Windows, and it's compatible with XP and Vista.

It has more/different choice re fonts: Arial, Courier, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Serif, Sans-Serif, Cursive, Fantasy and Monospace - and the one I'm using for the main body of this post which is the Default Font. Interesting!
I'm also using the default size. Sizes range from 6pt to 18pt, so plenty of variety there! The first paragraph is size 14pt.

I've tried to insert picture (see below) and there's more choice in positioning here, with choice of labelling/titling/wordwrap - but again, like LiveWriter, it seems to only allow you to load up at one size, without the thumbnail & enlarge option.

There's also a choice re choosing publishing date (Choose Date or Now) which is useful if you're working some time in advance (like me doing Pink Saturday posts - I'd be able to write Thursday or Friday and have the post publish on the correct day... I THINK. This still needs testing.)

So here we go with the upload, and let's see how it looks. I've chosen the date: Now.

Trying to add a picture from my computer:

You'll notice there isn't a picture.

Qumana say:
Blogger & MSN Spaces blogs currently do not support uploading images from any application.
If you have an alternate blog, we suggest hosting your images there by indicating this in the image dialogue. Alternatively, you could use an image hosting service such as Flickr.

So my opinion on this editor is:
  • Great if you just write.
  • Rubbish if you want to add pictures and you have a Blogger blog.

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