My husband, pulling a silly face

Ever had that DOINGGGG moment, when someone sends you a link which is so ideal that you could scream because you didn’t know about it before?

Well, here you are: Windows Live Writer which is simply a BLOG WRITER - free - from Microsoft (so you know it’s safe to download). 

Which works! I typed, I placed the pic where I wanted it, typed some more and it works perfectly, No more post/edit/post again/edit again (and again, and again, and again) trying to juggle pictures and text.
And I have just added my other blogs as well. It’s compatible with Blogger, WordPress and TypePad! Life is simpler again (and the blog posts are going to be so much quicker and so much less headache).

When downloading, you have to untick boxes though, or it adds Microsoft Live, chat, toolbar and other stuff you may not want... so as long as you read before you hit the enter button... Suffice to say, I ticked the box to load only the Writer (had to create my own shortcut for the desktop though) and only the Writer has loaded!
Hooray for something that (a) works and (b) doesn't give you a ton of stuff you don't want.

And kudos and enormous thanks to Patricia at for telling me about it!
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  1. Increased my productivity by 100%. You are a gem! I posted the link, too. I think we have started a revolution. :-)

  2. YES!! I use Writer too for a while now and LOVE it. It will even let you watermark your pictures, YAY!!

    Hugs from a new reader, LOVE all your blogs. Very informative and fun.

    Marian from the Netherlands

  3. Susie, thank God for you and your wonderfully, informative blog!!!! I love you & you blog. I can't wait to share my blog with you! ( I am giving myself two months to get it just how I want it). One thing I am having problems with are (1) finding the fonts you used in the title of your blog & (2)changing the color of the fonts. I have a few fonts I would like to utilize but I dunno how to change the color. Please help!!!


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