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I think it's worth mentioning:

When you change your Blogger backgrounds to one of those gorgeous blog skins out there (see mine, or the links in the sidebar) that your original background may not match.

For example: you did as advised and changed to the white Minima background. All your fonts are set and you chose the colours to go with this background.

You see a background design you like - you upload it - but you didn't change your colours, and either they don't go with the background or you can't see the writing clearly. It's worse if you sorted the colours to match the new background colours and left the Minima background white: the writing might be invisible!

How to fix it so everything is perfect

Go to Edit Layout > Fonts and Colours. The very first box you will see is the Page Background Colour - change this to match the colour of your new blog background (or as near as possible).

You'll notice my new background for my main 1stFloorFlat blog page is dark red - and I changed the page background colour to dark red as well. Otherwise, you'd be seeing a white page which then changes to dark red when the blog is fully loaded. The font colour I chose is pale cream (not so hard on the eyes as white) and pale cream writing on a white page looks awful - as well as unreadable.

Say your new blog background is pale yellow, but your page background colour is black (you ticked the black Minima box). Well...what shows on pale yellow (dark blue type maybe?) is not going to show on the black page as it starts to load.

And think about your Text colour and your Link and Visited Link colours. You want these to show, but you don't want sidebar text to dominate the screen. Or link colours either. You want the attention to go to your main post, so that text colour should dominate.

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And please consider your readers - tiny text, italic text and centred text is really hard on the eyes.

Save these for putting by your pictures to label them, as again you don't want to take attention away from your blogging.

Keep text to normal size, or large for headings etc. You can make the normal size larger by going to Text Font. Next to the text style (Arial, Verdana etc) you have a choice of bold or italic, and under that are two arrows, so you can make text larger or smaller. This sets the default size and style for the page, so you don't have to do it on every blog entry (which I was doing when I first started - but I didn't know any different at the time).

My text is set for Verdana > Normal > larger (not a lot, just a little tweak). I want my text to be easy to read, so I keep paragraphs short and to the point, and where possible I use bullet points for lists.

If you are typing a post, and you inserted your pictures, you now want to label them (I have been asked more than a few times to explain how I do it).

Look at the box you are typing into - there is a toolbar just above it, where you click to insert your pictures. On the left is a box labelled Font.

I highlight my text and click this. I choose Ariel. Next to this is a button marked TT with an arrow - click this and choose Small. Change colours of the text (maybe to emphasise a link you have typed in, or the title of a picture) by clicking the box marked T that has a little square of colours. Choose the colour you like. Check in Preview to see if you have got it right. If not, right-click your mouse to Undo.

I hope this helps!

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