I thought it would be fun to make my own screensaver, as I am getting so bored with the Windows ones.

Springtime in Paris copyright Susie Jefferson

You can use any artwork from your My Pictures folder. I have Windows XP and this is how I do it (I should imagine Vista isn't so very different):

Switch to Classic view
  • Click Start > Control Panel > Display
  • Click on Screen Saver , then choose My Pictures Slideshow from the drop-down menu
Now make the following choices:
  • Underneath the drop-down menu, on the left, is the Wait box - this allows you to choose how long the machine should wait before the Screensaver starts (eg: 10 minutes etc)
  • To reactivate the machine, just press any key and the Screensaver clears to the screen you were on before you took a break from typing.
  • Next to it is a box - enable this to Password protect your screen (this means you have to type in a password before you can start to use your computer again - really useful if you have to leave your desk unattended for any reason and have kids, pets, nosy visitors...)
Next to it, you'll see a Settings button:
  • Choose how often the pictures will change
  • How large you want them (there's a sliding scale)
  • Use the Browse button if you want to load artwork from a different folder
  • Click Preview to see how the full-size Screensaver will look (click any key to cancel)
Happy with everything?

Click OK > Apply > OK to finish.

Now your blank computer screen will look lots more exciting!

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  1. Thanks so much for this .Great Blog!

  2. Thanks so much! This page is all going to be how-to's, tips, security, blog buttons and all that kind of stuff.

    Which I hope is going to be really helpful. I learnt all this the hard way, so where I can help I am only too happy to.


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