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Very often we are tempted to download things to our computers: programmes, games etc - and none too sure whether they are going to work, or whether we will want to keep them.

So before you make any major changes to your computer, especially if you aren't very confident, it's always a good idea to make a System Restore Point. If you have a computer manual, read up how to do it... or trust me and follow my instructions below (which should be pretty much the same for any PC).


The reason you should do it is that if you have made a mess of installing a programme, or moved your fonts and made a mess of it, etc - you can reverse it using System Restore, so it's like nothing ever happened!

However, you can't use System Restore until you have created a System Restore point as your computer won't have anything to restore to!


To create a System Restore Point, click on your Start button (bottom left-hand corner of your computer screen) then click Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.

You'll see two buttons, the top one is System Restore, and the lower one - which is the one we want right now - is called Create a Restore Point. Click on this and type something in the box (eg: New game installed). Click on Create, then click on Close. That's it!

To use System Restore, go to Start > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore, then click the System Restore button, which restores your computer to an earlier time.

You'll see a little calendar - some of the dates are bold. These are System Restore Points. Click on one of these (it might be an automatic Restore Point, which your system does from time to time, or it might be one you labelled yourself, eg: New Printer).

Click on the one you want, click OK and let the computer do the rest. It will take some time, all the desktop will disappear, the screen will go black, etc, then it will reboot with a little box telling you if the Restore was successful or not. Click OK if it was, and everything will be back to normal!

I bet you feel loads better now!

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